FAST GUN SMITHING Fast is Great, but Precision is everything.

A Law Weapons Company



Fast Gunsmith is a full-service firearm repair, customization, cleaning and service company located in Naperville., Illinois. We have master and journeyman gunsmiths on staff to service, customize and repair your firearm quickly and efficiently.


The gun smithing industry is been notoriously slow for many years. We pride ourselves on being able to give fast turnaround times on most of our work. Most of our service times run approximately 5 to 7 days, even quicker on simple repairs. We offer a 10 year warranty on any repairs or services we provide.


Sending your firearm out to the manufacturer or to other gunsmiths can take from one to six months to get your firearm returned. At fast gunsmith we can have your firearm serviced and returned to you in a week or so rather than months.





We also offer an expedited service for an additional fee and using our simple work order form we can even send you a box and shipping label to send your firearm directly to us.


Our parent company, Law Weapons & Supply is a full-service firearms dealer and manufacturer. We buy used firearms and do trade-ins as well.


We are also a class III dealer and deal in NFA weapons like short barreled rifles, full auto and select fire weapons, suppressed firearms as well as other types of firearms


So don’t wait any longer call Fast Gunsmith today and get your firearm repaired and returned as quickly as possible.

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